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dgate history and lore

:: The Ancient History of Aradath ::
:: The Chronicles of Pel ::
:: The Tale of the Octogon ::
:: The Burning of Treehaven, Secian View ::
:: The Burning of Treehaven, Frontacian View ::
:: The Dark Army ::


The Dark Army ...

War breaks out in Aradath!

Emjedah falls to Dark Army!

After numerous rumors of Emjedah declaring war on Spur in an ongoing struggle for control of the continent, someone else has brought war to Emjedah!

A report in the Spurian post office on the elvish date of July 31 stated:

Early this morning, the city of Emjedah fell to the forces of the Muatana-al army. They entered the city and gained complete control of it through sheer force of numbers.

A collection of nearly 20 warriors came to Emjedah's aid, but the force we fought against was far to great. Their numbers are likely into the 1000s. The screams from the people of Emjedah could be heard throughout the city as we tried to protect the citizens.

“Also found in the Spurian post office”

Over the past few weeks, rumors have swirled about a mysterious Muatana-al being seen anywhere from Spur to Saldea. Information has come forward that has revealed the Muatana-al's name.

High Lord Graedar'al.

A group of Spurians traveled to Emjedah tonight to begin peace talks with the High Lord but he was not available for questioning.

In a brief walk through of the city, it became clear that Graedar'al and his troops are very unfamiliar with the city of Emjedah and its surroundings. The city is thoroughly covered in troops but several entrances are left wide open. No doubt the army is taking steps to secure its hold on Emjedah but at the rate they are currently going, it could be months before the city is truly secure.

Be Advised

Citizens are urged to avoid Emjedah at this time. The army is still very hostile and peaceful attempts can easily be mistaken for an aggressive attack on the city. (12/16/05)

Burial For the Soldiers!

I would like to thank those who risked thier lives tonight to help assist in the removal of the dark army from Emjedah, to think you all helped when assistance was ne'er even requested. Now I was told that tomorrow there would be a burial for those who gave thier lives during the first assaults and those that followed. I think it would be best if we could all meet at the Drawbridge at half past the eight hour as the elves tell the evening time. From there we can procede with the long overdue ceremony. (12/29/05)

Calling all Spurians!!!

Prepare for battle!

A hithual guard reported that the dark army is preparing to leave Fort Hotgri and can be ready to leave within a few days time for destinations unknown. It is now time for all spurians and people in the surrounding area to prepare for the upcoming battle. According to the hithual guard the dark army wil be moving out with a large well prepared force.

Now is the time to prepare and be ready to move on a moments notice. Everyone will be needed to win this battle.

Be ready to answer General Gallaior's call when it is sounded.

Together we shall be victorious.

Highlands Road Bridge is down!

Citizens of Spur cut the ropes of the suspension bridge that grants access to the north from the Highland Road above the ruined village. Warning: The suspension bridge up near the Highland roads is down, be very carefull. There is nothing left to keep you from falling in the Chasm left there.

Good people of Spur

by: Gallaior Braq

The hard work and bravery shown during this horrific time is a testiment to Spur itself. I would like to thank all who banded together and aided us all in such a troubled time. Now is not a time to rest I am afraid. There is much still to be done.

I would like to speak, in person, to some folks. When they have time.
Malthus, Ledara, Cleric, Kithrael, Callik, Talivar, A representitive from the Dragonkind.

The Merlin Papers

Greetings Spurians,

I have a valuable gift for you. I have notes from a very important council meeting in which Justinaren informed the council of Merlin's disappearance. Included in them is information on Merlin and Graedar’al, as well as the fact that Merlin left no heirs.

This completely invalidates Lilly’s legal claim of ruling Spur. This also describes how the advisory council became a ruling council. I was at the meeting as a guest, as I was a friend to several on the council, including Justinaren. I joined the council only after learning Merlin was gone.

I’ve prepared a summary of my notes for you Spurians. I did not bring this up at the rigged council as I knew it’d be shouted down. I have been waiting for the right moment to release the Merlin Papers and this seems to be the time.

By the way, this is probably one of the major reasons that fake note from Justinaren instructed that his belongings should be burned, as he held similar notes as mine. Not to mention Merlin’s writings that Justinaren possessed. Part one should have the most important part and I’m posting it first.

First Spurian Council Meeting Summary Part 1

Justinaren began by revealing that Merlin had been gone nearly a year and that he wrote letters for a time, but those too stopped. He went on to say, “The last time I saw him was far from Spur, in the company of two others of his kind. One I recognized as Lilly, the other...The other, I have never seen before, and only managed to catch sight of once since."

He apologized for not revealing this earlier to the council, but could not due his vow to Merlin to keep his privacy. Justinaren went on to say that before he left Merlin appeared to be going insane. He said the bane of the Muats is more than a curse, but like a disease. That Merlin, like some, knows what he is and both craves and despises it. Justinaren added, “As I said, I thought him going insane. I had hoped that whatever was wrong, that maybe the others could help. I know now, that was not their intent.”

Justinaren continued, describing his year-long search for Merlin. Every lead was a dead end, and in some cases led to bodies. He finally got word of two Muatana-al at his childhood home. He told us, “I know only that a Muatana-al arrived there one night, in sore shape, asking after me, and that the next night, another arrived...asking after the first..The second, upon hearing that he had just missed the other, grew enraged.. and... none in that house survived.”

It took Justinaren a week to reach his home. Roads were blocked, towns destroyed along the way, and most people had he met had lost their sanity. On arrival, Justinaren found that the first Muatana-al visitor has been Merlin and he had left him a scroll. The scroll said little more than everyone is in great danger. The second visitor was the other Muatana-al in whose company Justinaren last saw him. (Justinaren was deeply distressed during this telling and got distracted by esps from the Psycian Luc)

Justinaren described the unnamed Muatana-al as more dangerous than even the Muats we already know of. After that he said he traveled to Spur, hoping there had been sign of Merlin. He found signs of Merlin and the other Muat passing through, and he said he believes the other Muat destroyed Edgewater.

After that, Justinaren described part of the scroll Merlin sent him. He told us, “Merlin said one thing in his scroll to me which I still have not made sense of, and the conjectures I have about it, all lead to very dark roads. He wrote, ‘The bane grows stronger, even now I see my Foe, but whether past or future is unclear. The one that follows grows closer every day.’ He also warned that all of his race suffer because of the one that dogs his heels, and that perhaps all of Aradath will."

Justinaren then began to explain why Edgewater was not defended by Spur and the general poor condition Spur had fallen into. There was nearly no Spurian military and Emjedah was preparing an army to attack Spur and root out Merlin, who wasn’t even there. Justinaren also warned that the other Muatana-al heads towards Spur and Spur could not stand against him and Emjedah both at once.

Justineran began talking about the Muatana-al again. He said that Maloveous is also missing and that this new Muatana-al was likely occupying Maloveous’ keep. He said he believes this Muat was hunting other Muatana-al, but he wasn’t sure why. Justinaren also ran into Lady Aermerie, sister of Merlin and wife of Maloveous, in the far north.

Justinaren went on to say that when he heard of the blade found in Edgewater, he could no longer remain true to his oath to Merlin, and that he had to let it be known that Merlin is if not dead, now hopelessly lost to us.

Emjedah was discussed, as well as attacks on Sorcerer’s Isle. There was talk how to convince Emjedah not to attack, and Changeman offered to speak with Kreston about it.

Cieran asked Justinaren if there was a successor to Merlin. Justinaren appeared astounded at the question. Nicki asked for a second in command. Justinaren informed Cieran, "Merlin never saw need to name such. He believes himself immortal and invincible, though he seems to be finding out there are things which will hurt him sorely."

Leadership of the city in general was discussed. It was pointed out most temples had no leaders. It was discussed to have the council step into place. Justinaren pointed out the need to deliver the news of Merlin’s absence carefully, as it could cause a mass panic.

Cieran asked Justinaren to read part of Merlin’s letter again. He did so and after described Merlin’s condition before he left. Justinaren said, “He had, for some time, been ranting about the bane, about it being a disease, and about finding a cure. That was part of why I thought him mad…I will be going through his notes, what of them I can find, and will let you know if I can make better sense of that."


First Spurian Council Meeting Summary Part 2

Changeman brought up the gemstone island in the sewers under Spur and suggested some kind of guard be put on it. Justinaren asked him if he thought it to be the Octagon or the key, but he didn’t know. Changeman theorized that the new Muatana-al was trying to free the Foe or the Foe was trying to free It’s self. He based this on the fact that the Bane is connected to the Foe.

Justinaren said, "The only "cure" I can think any Muatana-al would come up with would likely involve the being which created the disease. Or perhaps, the others of it's own kind. Maybe it involves the others of its kind though…and that is why it hunts them…I do not know."

Justinaren speculated that perhaps this new Muatana-al hunts those that he feels turned on his master, but he doesn’t know the workings of their minds on such things. Changeman mentioned being cursed by the power of the Bane.

The poor situation of the city and government was discussed. Justinaren predicted others would try to take Merlin’s place, but this was whispered to Changeman, not said aloud. Justinaren advised the council members to take as strong a role as they feel capable. Discussion of Spur’s organizations took place.

The noble families were brought up by Changeman. Justinaren told the council, "He had said to me to disband the nobles as they served nothing. I took that to mean he was displeased with them. I now see it in a different light."

Justinaren suggested some of the noble families might vie for power, as well as the Merchant’s guild. Changeman advised the council to put forward a strong front of leadership and said it was likely the merchants would try to put someone forward in power favorable to them. Justinaren said to Changeman, "Yes, we will have purple banners hanging from the walls"

There was some argument and Changeman pointed out the alternative was to let the factions squabble and bring down the city in an emergency, and the fact that the council actually shows up to these meetings proves their dedication and they are the best leaders available. Nicki said that was no alternative. Changeman pointed out the failure of the city council under Baroness Lilly.

A council head was discussed, but it was decided they were all equals. Justinaren pointed out that the city would go up in arms if they put an Odarian or Setite or whatever in power, as most Spurians can’t see past their godmark. Everyone agreed with that.

Changeman suggested talking to key people in the temples as well as talking with Kreston of Emjedah to avoid the attack. It was decided to have both Changeman and a council member talk to Kreston. There was talk of adding more members to the council.

Changeman and Cieran argued about the approach to diplomacy with Emjedah. Cieran favored a hard liner approach, while Changeman urged a middle ground.

There was discussion of the guard problem. Changeman suggested hiring fake guards to fill in, to fool enemies watching for weakness. He also suggest recruiting guards from the poor quarter. He said it was one of Solinus’ old plans to create a poor quarter militia. Cieran offered to fund the idea with his own coin. Justinaren said Solinus created a whole defensive strategy for the city as well, but wasn’t sure there was enough guards for it. Changeman said you either can recruit from outside, which costs a lot, or train inside, which takes time.

Justinaren suggested asking for aid from Aurhaven or the Hithual fort up north. Nicki said Gallaior knows the commander up there. Cieran offered to pay to train them with his bank account, but Justinaren said the city coffers could cover it.

Cieran suggested that the Muat was the primary threat, Emjedah second. He suggested staving off Emjedah, since the Muat couldn’t be influenced. Contacting temple leaders was discussed. Vixen mentioned some pretty Sanene had Talivar the bard running for the hills.

Justinaren informed the council, “I will try to attend any meetings you have, though there is a part of my oath to Merlin which I will continue to try to fulfill until either he or I ceases to breathe. And that may take me away from the city from time to time."

Changeman asked what oath that was and Justinaren responded, “I do not believe I can tell you. It was personal and unrelated to our professional association."

Cieran spoke of bringing his wolf Biter into Justinaren’s office, which he didn’t take kindly to. Cieran said he’d only drool and make comments about Kreston’s parentage. Changeman suggested trial memberships, to identify members who aren’t going to show to meetings or add anything. Justinaren said to Changeman, “Non-voting members who would be made full members if they are seen to be active and contributory... a good thought.”

Vixen agreed that trial memberships were a good idea. Nicki suggested it be 3 months for a member to gain a vote and that was agreed upon. It was agreed that showed commitment. Changeman was asked if he planned to join and he said he planned to continue “visiting”, but wasn’t sure how long that would last. The meeting broke up soon after.

they will pry my weapons from my cold dead hands,

Outlaw Changeman Shadowlurk
Weapons Trainer
Spurian People's Council


Meeting with the Muat General Graedar'al

Hello Spurians,

As some of you know I was invited to a meeting with the Muat General last eve along with one escort.The meeting was arranged by Lii. Before I tell what was said I would like to thank everyone who wanted to come with me and I really would have like to taken all of you with me, but I could not. Jurix, my kyn, thanks for going with me. We were taken to the camp, after being scryed, and arrived in a tent with the Muat General already there. If it gives anyone any comfort he is looking a little haggard himself. We have been asking for months what the Muat General wanted with Spur, we knew he was looking for something but did not know for sure what.

****The Muat General sends this proposal to the city of Spur, He would like to enter Spur with a one person escort and a council member to search for a KEY, unharmed. He will tell us what the Key is for when he comes to Spur and he in turn will leave Spur unharmed****

I was to take this proposal to the Spurian Council, which is what I did when I first arrived back to Spur. I also told him that there was no way to keep this secret and that I would be telling the people of Spur. For those who wanted me to discuss this in the square last night my deepest apologies but I had to send the message to the council first and I wanted to get all the facts down in scroll so that everyone gets the same facts.

The Muat General says that we pass by the KEY eveyday and do not notice it and that the power of the mages inside Spur were limited in their ability to recognize it. He also said that the KEY was to a prison in which an old friend of his is being held.

No promises were made, no deals were cut, no answers were given. I will be in the square tonight if any one wishes to discuss this further. I have stated the facts here for all to read.

He will seek me out in several days for the answer. No I am not possessed, I was never touched by the Muat General.

Once again thanks to you who wanted to go with me and who waited for my return in the sqaure.

Cavalier Nicki (4.17.06)

Graedar'al's Mental Powers

Greetings Spurians,

It seems many know little of Graedar'al's mental powers and thus dismiss any claims he is using them on our people. I will now tell the story of the first Graedar'al possessions in Spur. I would ask that the lovely Kressa correct me if I get something wrong or miss something. I would also ask that those with knowledge of Graedar'al's mental abilities to post what you know on this thread.

It began with Kressa the Sanene visiting an inn on the highland plateau. There were dark army soldiers there. A Sanene commander demanded Kressa retrieve a sewer map held by a Flerian.

She refused to aid them, yet returned to the inn. The Sanene commander was furious with Kressa and captured her. Her ran some kind of white hot poker through her. After this, Graedar'al had some control over her, although it was not constant 24 hours a day. I recall him speaking through her and her being forced to attack others, but I did not see the full extent of what she was made to to

I brought Kressa to a council meeting in disguise, to tell her tale to the council. After the meeting, Justinaren took me aside. He knew of Graedar'al's mental powers and described a cure to me, involving a specially prepared poison. He also told me he feared the Psycians Torrana and Luc may have been infected. He said the infection can spread by intense psi, such as psi examine, although not something as light as esp.

So Kressa and the Psycians took the cure, which required dying two times. The Psycians weren't necessarily infected, but we took no chances. Kressa ran to me after being cured, which was a mistake. I felt something enter my mind and a voice came out of me thanking Kressa for the valuable gift. But then I felt the presence leave my mind.

I then took the cure 3 times, dying 3 times, just to be sure I did not come under Graedar'al's power. Justuinaren later told me I was not taken by Graedar'al, as I felt it leave my mind. He also said that right now Graedar'al's power is weak and he can only control so many at once.

they will pry my weapons from my cold dead hands,

Outlaw Changeman Shadowlurk
Weapons Trainer (4.20.06)


Many brave citizens entered the muat general's camp and proceed to kill the muat general and the rest of his army. He was mortally wound and fell into the sunlight and disappeared for the realm for good never to return again. I will leave the details to those who write better than me.

Spur came through just like I knew they would. We are still the best place to live and call home. I am very proud of each and everyone of you.



Cleric came up with the idea to infiltrate the enemy camp, and provided amulets of protection to those most likely to be snatched by Graedar'al. I then drew a map detailing one place we were reasonably certain we could trans to (In that I had transed out from it when unable to from other places.) Tonight, as Graedar'al was pulling others from Spur, I transed in, reached the spot, and visualized it. Gallaior was mustering the populous. I transed to Galliaor, and then moved a powerful force of adventures to the encampment. Gallaior led the force in combat against the Muat. Powerfull magicks were unleashed in the ensuing battle, scattering forces through out the area, but the Muat fell. I then became a magickal ferry, bringing wave after wave of Spurians and heros of other cities to the encampment to fight an army which was begining to panic from the loss of it's leader. While there may still be a few bands of this army, it was broken and scattered. Graedar'al is dead, and his body was placed in the Sun. We also found that this Muat had a small fortune, and those who helped each walked away with a share...Somewhat more than 200 gold. I was pleased to perform the service of Magickal ferry, and moved people from the Encampment back to Spur... While it wasn't as smooth as written here, and many fell, some more than once, the deed was done, and Spur is free of the greatest threat it has faced in the past few years.


The key was and what it was supposed to unleash

It was not determined to my knowledge what the Muatana sought. But one should consider the strong magickal dealings we had prior to the attack on the Muatana and consider that this same Muatana asked for the Key. With just those two facts, one can have the basis for further questions about the object he desired, for I really feel, as my opinion, that I know what he was after.

I don't think destroying it would be a good idea, there is no telling what happens when you destroy such a thing as powerful as it contains.



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