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dgate history and lore

Soros - Table of Contents
:: The Saga of Soros ::
:: Soros & The White Dove ::
:: Kyria & Poindexter ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 1 ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 2 ::
:: Is He really Gone? ::
:: A Flerian's Tale ::
:: More on Soros ::
:: The Power of a Word ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 1 ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 2 ::


Kyria Starsong and Poindexter Phillpott ...

This is the story of Kyria Starsong and Poindexter Phillpott.

This tale takes place during the Time of the Bane, some two hundred years ago.  At this time a man calling himself Soros the Conqueror, who may or not have been the former High Priest of Taath Dazrada Soros, had gained control of the White Dove of Rinanni.  All that was known of his plans at that time was that he had gained control of much of the surrounding land, and planned to take over the Spur.  The city, as you may imagine, was in a great state of distress and unrest.

And at that time there arrived in the city a human bardess of Rinanni named Kyria Starsong.  Though the city was in turmoil, the citizens of the Spur took notice of Kyria.  Partly it was because she was as fair as any woman of the city, with long golden hair and a voice like a nightingale's.  Partly it was because she was kind and gentle and loving of spirit, with never a harsh word for anyone, and with boundless hope for an end to the troubled times.  And perhaps partly it was because she was blind, and dependent upon the kindness of others to make her way upon the chaos of the city, yet never complained of any difficulty.

Now, many there were in the city impressed by the bardess for all these reasons, but none more so than a Drag-al runemage named Poindexter Phillpott.  Poindexter was not an ordinary Drag-al, raucous and rowdy and prone to all matter of games and party; but was sober and studious, of shy demeanor, and devoted to his magickal studies.  He was not prone, in short, to rash commitments or affairs of the heart.  Yet he had but to once set eyes upon Kyria, and was instantly smitten.  Poindexter became a near-constant companion to Kyria, scrupulously attendant to her needs and always available for her aid; his friends noticed this change in his character with great amusement.

Now, there came to pass several days in which Kyria was not seen in the city.  Poindexter was distressed by her absence, but his friends pointed out to him that she was no doubt safe in her rooms, and that he had no cause to worry.  As they spoke of these things in the center of Town Square, there was a great disturbance, and who should appear but Soros himself.  Those who had known the High Priest of Taath claimed that if this Soros be the same as the one they had originally known, he had been changed immeasurably.  But that is irrelevant to this tale.  Soros eyed the gathered crowd, and uttered various threats, which were answered by cries of defiance by the townsfolk.  But then Soros silenced the crowd by dropping something upon the cobblestones.

It was a blue sapphire choker.  And though most gathered in the Square thought it at best vaguely familiar, Poindexter recognized it at once.

It was Kyria's.

And as Soros hurled threats upon the crowd, and the crowd responded with the most vile imprecations they could think of, poor Poindexter begged Soros for news of Kyria.  It was to no avail.  His point made, his purpose done, Soros departed the Town Square, leaving poor Poindexter despairing, Kyria's choker in his hands.

For several days Poindexter roamed the city with his friends, searching for Kyria, with no luck.  The Drag-al feared that his love had been taken from the city, or worse, that she no longer lived at all.

Then, as Poindexter and his friends took in a battle at the Arena, debating their next move, an odd thing began to happen.  Kyria's blue sapphire choker began to pulse and glow.  And with a bit of experimentation Poindexter discovered that the choker's glow grew brighter when he moved in certain directions, dimmer in others.  Poindexter followed the brightening glow through the Town Square, into the Poor Quarter, and finally to the very steps of the Anything Goes Club.  Swallowing his embarrassment, he entered the Club and began to search the premises.

In one of the the rooms he found his love Kyria lying unconscious on the floor, a guard standing over her, beating her lifeless with his axe.  With a great cry the brave Drag-al jumped to intercept the guard's blows, and with sword and rune fended off the villain's attacks, though Poindexter nearly gave up his own life in the process.

He carried Kyria out of that decadent place, and they returned to the safety of the Town Square.  But as Poindexter's relief and excitement faded to a more sensible state, he realized that his love was not yet out of danger.  For around Kyria's neck, where the sapphire choker once had been, now she wore a choker of black acid, which seemed to eminate an aura of evil and cruelty.  Sadly Kyria told Poindexter that Soros had placed the black acid choker around her neck, and if she or anyone else tried to remove it, it would surely kill her.

The entire city searched for a solution to Kyria's plight.  Two young Dragons, Rand and Rime, seized upon a possible solution, and persuaded the bardess to cooperate.  The Dragons found a priest to aid them, and took Kyria to a safe and quiet place.  And there, as quickly and humanely as they could manage, the two Dragons slew Kyria and searched her lifeless corpse.

Rime snatched up the black acid choker, and Rand exhorted the priest to resurrect Kyria, for the intent was to in this way foil Soros' plan.  But Soros, it appears, was more clever than two young Dragons.  For all of the priest's prayers could not bring poor Kyria back to life, and the black acid choker began to roil and pulse most ominously in Rime's hands.

Rime fled for the bank, thinking to hurl it in the vault before it could cause harm.  And indeed he almost made it into the bank before the choker exploded, and Rime with it.  It's said it took the House of the Dead several hours to find enough of Rime to bring him back to the living.

As for Kyria, Rand and the priest took her body to the Temple of Rinanni.  And there she lay, waiting for something to release her soul from the land of the living, or to restore life to her stricken body.  Poindexter learned of what had happened to Kyria, and fled directly to the Temple of Rinanni.  He shouldered through the mass of people gathered there to gaze upon his beloved one last time.  Tears welling in his eyes, Poindexter placed the blue sapphire choker upon Kyria's neck, and a soft kiss upon her lips.

All the temple was silent, watching Poindexter, for a long moment.  And then Kyria's eyes fluttered and opened, for what the power of the Gods and the cunning of Dragons could not accomplish, the simple love of a worthy Drag-al made reality.

Kyria was alive.

Several days later, Kyria and Poindexter swore vows of eternal fidelity at the altar of the Temple of Rinanni.  And then, after saying farewell to all their friends and well-wishers, they left the Spur.  It is said that they found a place of peace and eternal springtime, and there they lived out the rest of their lives in happiness, and never returned to the Spur again.

And that is the tale of Poindexter and Kyria.

Revised: September 02, 1998.
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