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dgate history and lore

Soros - Table of Contents
:: The Saga of Soros ::
:: Soros & The White Dove ::
:: Kyria & Poindexter ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 1 ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 2 ::
:: Is He really Gone? ::
:: A Flerian's Tale ::
:: More on Soros ::
:: The Power of a Word ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 1 ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 2 ::


A Hint of Soros, Pt. 1

[Note: A story, as told by Random, dating back some time ago. This is a tale that brings a name we all know to light, Dazrada Soros.]

A story, as told by Random, dating back some time ago. This is a tale that brings a name we all know to light, Dazrada Soros.

Random says, "Kyrena, sometime I'll have to tell you the story of the creation of the Drag-al."

Random winks.

Random says, "You folks wanna hear another story?"

Kyrena says, "Sure, Random!"

Turaniel says, "I'm always in the mood for a story, Random."

Random says, "Well, first I'll tell you that every word of my story is true. It all happened about four years ago here, in the Spur. I know, 'cause I was here and a part of some of it. I suppose the best place to begin the story, is with a mirror."

Kyrena raises an eyebrow.

Kyrena says, "Finius' mirror?"

Random says, "No, not that one at all. It was a mirror made of black obsidian.  And it was used to trap the soul of a very powerful mage.  His name was Strangeangel Sondemiroir.  And he was helping the folks, here in Spur, who didn't want to be at the mercy of a tyrant or a devil, or any of the other forms people around here call Evil. The one who imprisoned him was called Hex ChunChan.  Hex was a very, very strange creature.  They're called Recursives, and more accuratly, Dhuuvghal, or to some, Dhuvghaal.  They look just like any other person, most are San elves or some other more chaotically inclined. Hex, in particular, was a San. And he was in his twenty third incarnation. Ya see, no matter how many times you kill them... And I am talking about that most permanent of deaths... They come back.  It takes years, and years though. But, that said about their nature, back to the story at hand. You see, Strangeangel had collected a special group of amulets known as The Brood.  Controlling the Brood, were the Mother and the Sister.  There is possibly another, but it doesn't matter to this story.  Hex needed these amulets to bind his power and allow him to fulfil whatever dark purpose he was here for.  He hired a Muatana-al thief to steal the Brood, and eventually to kill Strangeangel with a Fang of Rhangkorre. The Fang is a terrible weapon, for it banishes the victims soul forever from the land of the living, and this particular Fang was worse... for it bound Strangeangel's soul to Hex's mirror. Near the time this turning of events had come to pass, a Muatana of the name Mordecai Stormraven arrived in Spur from some long journey.  He was a very proud man, but at his core was a great sadness for the things he had lost in his long life, and more-over, for the things he had done in the name of the Bane. Shortly after Mordecai arrived here, a Leuain of the name Kythor offered him money to kill a rival, Kyle Ferdain.  Mordecai asked why this should be, and was greeted with indignance.  Kythor swore to seek out Witold, the one who had slain Strangeangel, to do his deed, and left. For some reason I do not presume to know, Mordecai took it to his heart that the situation was wrong, and that this person needed to know what was being plotted against him.  He sought out Kyle, and found him in the company of other Leuians.  They were gathered in the Gilded Lion, speaking of light things and laughing merrily. The Muatana, not being terribly up on his social graces, simply said what had just happened, with barely as much as a greeting between the news and his arrival.  The company of Leuians was not overly shocked, as they knew well the disposition of Kythor, but were greatly happy to Mordecai for being so forthright. They invited him to stay with them and spin tales into the night, not letting the news disturb their revilry. He did, but sat at the outside of the group and listened, he had no talesof light and mirth to tell, and his old story of love lost and the struggle for survival did not fit the mood. The tales went well into the night, and soon the Leuians were falling to sleep in each others arms, until all that were left were Mordecai, and an older couple, Artaxerxes and Ariellyn.  It was then, in the presense of the other sleeping Khats, that they told him of the tale that came before, and how matters had come to this.  They told him of a Leuian's foolish pride, and his arrogance, and they spoke truthfully.  Neither of the two fueding were particularly more to blame, he was told, but more the foolish nature of their pride.  Kythor was a bitter, bitter follower of Set, who was said to have slain his own twin brother.  And Kyle was a stern warrior of Rinanni, steeped, in his own way, in his pride for what he was. And further the older Leuians went, they told Mordecai of how this band had formed, and why they were in the Spur.  They told him of a dark night when Hex had begun to wreak on old, old vengance on Artaxerxes.  He had kidnapped Ariellyn and taken her to the Spur, with Artaxerxes and his loyal brother and sister Leuians hot on his trail.  They tracked him to the graveyard, here, and to Moonglum's Rest, but were not in time to prevent the curse Hex laid out. They beat him back, and he fled to the sewers, but his spell upon Ariellyn was set.  Slowly, she was dying. Not by sickness nor any affliction, but by the death-knell of a magicked dagger set to her heart, slowly closing to snuff her life.  There was nothing that could be done to cease the spell, the Leuians said, and it had colored their days. Mordecai was greatly moved by their story, and swore he would aid them as best he could, for they had shown him no ill favor, and welcomed him to their mirth. The night moved on towards day, and those that were not already sleeping followed their friends. The next day dawned without advent, as several more.  In the early morning hours, before the sun would rise, Artaxerxes and Mordecai would seek refuge from their worries and pain in the combat to be had in the poor quarter.  They forged a deep friendship, in those predawn hours, and on several occasions Artaxerxes was called away to some other task leaving Mordecai with Ariellyn. The two spoke, lightly at first, of the events that were happing to them. But slowly the conversations turned towards Mordecai, and his motivations. It was one such morning when Mordecai told him of the human woman he had loved, and lost, many, many years before.  I suppose it was that morning that Ariellyn came to love Mordecai as a dear and true friend. The friendships continue to grow, in early morning hours such as that, and time moved on. One morning, after returning from the Poor Quarter, Artaxerxes left Mordecai outside the Market Circle to purchase some bolts for his cross-bow.  Just before Artaxerxes returned, Hex came in from the east.  Mordecai looked at this San elf he had pledged to kill, and Hex barely returned the gaze. At about that moment, Artaxerxes returned from the store, at which part Mordecai fixed his will upon Hex and made Hex's his own.  I would imagine the Dhuvghall was surpised, but that's just my story-teller's sense. Mordecai quickly plucked Hex's sword away, and prepared to cut him down. But Hex regained his senses and withdrew another sword, one forged of black diamond. And in a single blow he cleaved Mordecai nearly in half."

(Jalil clutches onto Kyrena's arm.)

Kyrena winces.

Kyrena hugs Jalil.

Jalil says, "Oh no!"

Jalil's mood is now despairing.

Random says, "The battle went to Artaxerxes then, and he struck several times at Hex.  Hex ignored the blows as if they were nothing more than a mosquito's bite, and felled Artaxerxes as he had done Mordecai. This was a time before the Bane was in full effect, and Mordecai's body was slowly beginning to regenerate.  Artaxerxes was granted return by the temple, and came again to land blows on Hex.  Hex taunted him, and then noted that the sun was beginning to rise, and smiled down on Mordecai's healing body. Artaxerxes feared for his friend, and dragged him away from the market circle, as the gates there had been locked even as he left, to find a place in the shade where Mordecai could heal.  He dragged the lifeless Muatana into the Bazaar, all the time Hex followed and taunted the frantic Leuian and the slain Muatana. Artaxerxes, terribly concerned for his friend's life, as the sun had risen now, and Mordecai was beginning to burn in it's light, dragged him through the maze like Bazaar."

Jalil says, "Ohmygosh..."

Random says, "A monitanian was there, buying something or other, and came across the odd spectacle.  Hex arrived to taunt his victims, and Artaxerxes
struck at him.  The monitanian did not understand, and attempted to stop the fight. He chose a rather effective method.  He killed Artaxerxes."

Kyrena gasps.

Jalil gasps.

Random says, "To which Hex laughed uproariously."

(Jalil faints.)

Jalil lies down.

Kyrena pets Jalil.

Random says, "Think I should wait for Jalil to regain conciousness?"

Jalil shakes his head from side to side.

Random grins.

Jalil says, "Wha' happened?"

Kyrena chuckles.

Jalil sits up.

Random says, "Artaxerxes was granted, again, althogh more reluctantly this time, return by his temple."

The Thuggian tuba player leans in toward Random listening interestedly.

(Random pats the Thugian on the head and continues.)

Random says, "By this time, the Monitanian and moved on, and Artaxerxes continued dragging the Muatana through the winding passages of the Bazaar, until at last he came to an entrance into the sewers, where he was able to drag Mordecai to saftey. After some time, Mordecai's body was fully healed and life returned to it. Thinking the sewer a rather unappropriate place, they followed the passages to another exit, into the Traveller's Hostel just north east of the square. By this time, the sun was shining brightly in the sky, Artaxerxes told Mordecai he was going to attempt to find Kyle, as he would help them against Hex. Artaxerxes found Kyle, and on the way back the two of them met with Hex.  Artaxerxes and Lord, er, Kyle, found Hex as they were returning to speak with Mordecai. They engaged him in the town square, it was before the governor had bound it against hostility, and they landed many blows upon him.  But Hex merely laughed at them, and attacked at his leasure. Artaxerxes had nearly worn himself out, and Kyle was beginning to become very fatigued from their attacks, and skillful dodges of Hex's blows. Suddenly, Mordecai arrived from where he was in the hostel. He fixed the Dhuvghal's eyes with his and pinned his will with his Muatana gaze. Mordecai siezed the diamond greatsword from Hex, and in doing noticed the San also wore one of the two talisman's which bound the Brood. Hex regained his senses and snarled at the combatants.  The two Leuians began their attacks again, and Hex sought for another weapon.  Mordecai grasped the diamond sword in his hands, and swung it with all his strength at Hex.. The blow cleaved deeply into the Dhuvghaal's neck, and he fell to the ground sputtering blood. In a moment, he fell onto his back and was still. Kyle and Artaxerxes were nearly worn out, but Artaxerxes had the strength to spit on the corpse of Hex and curse him, and turned north with Kyle to seek the shelter of the Hostel.  Mordecai grabbed the talisman and pulled it free from Hex, and crushed the thing in his hand.  He left the body there and went to his friends. After the three had left Hex, the Dhuvghal lay in the morning sun for some moments.  He too, was capable of regenerating his health, and shortly he was risen again."

Kyrena says, "Random, being a San, he couldn't just depart and return?"

Random says, "He was not a normal San.  He was a Dhuuvghal."

Selder says, "Part San, part Muatana?"

Random says, "No, much more complicated than that."

Random says, "Time passed, and it became obvious that the swords Mordecai had wrested from Hex were not normal swords. Many things happened during the weeks that followed.  Word had spread of the weapon Mordecai had, and one night he was set upon by several other Muatana who tried to steal it from him.  Fortunatly, Mordecai had the foresight to keep the swords very safe. Later, Kythor and Kyle met near the square and began to duel.  Mordecai attempted to intervene in the duel, which angered Kyle greatly.  The events got rather complicated about then, I'll try and remember the exact circumstances. Well, first I suppose I should mention it was much less a formal duel than a one-on-one fight between Kythor and Kyle.  There had been no arrangements, they simply began fighting when they eyed each other. Mordecai warned that if they did not cease, he would kill both of them. Kythor snorted at this, and attacked at Kyle again. Mordecai killed Kythor in a single blow, and turned to Kyle who was, by now, quite furious with Mordecai. I would point out, that on this night Mordecai did have the diamond sword, and it was this that he was wielding. Kyle told Mordecai that he knew nothing of Honor, which was a blow that Mordecai was not prepared to defend.  It stopped him in his tracks, and made him doubt his worthiness to the friends he had made there."

Revised: September 02, 1998.
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