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dgate history and lore

Soros - Table of Contents
:: The Saga of Soros ::
:: Soros & The White Dove ::
:: Kyria & Poindexter ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 1 ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 2 ::
:: Is He really Gone? ::
:: A Flerian's Tale ::
:: More on Soros ::
:: The Power of a Word ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 1 ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 2 ::


Is He Really Gone?

[Note: This is from Volume 3, Issue no.6, dated the 14th day, 2nd month, of the 96th year in Spur. Titled Lord of Deception, really gone? by Dayendrath.]

Though only a few months have passed since the Lord of Deception's "banishing" after a failed attack on Spur, most of this town's fair citizens have forgotten that this devil ever existed. As well, all but a handful of Bards have stopped singing the tales of the heroes who defended the city from the manes and scravixxes which swept over our streets like snow on a harsh winter day. But was that battle really the end of the Lord of Deception, or just another illusion in his proverbial "web of lies"? In this DFC exclusive, we reveal some startling new information which indicates that the devious devil's banishment is temporary at best.

It was shortly after the battle's grand final that my first questions about the validity of this banishing first appeared. For like many Spurians, I had heard the well known Selder Firemix's voice shouting "You fools!  You're doing it wrong!" as the last mystic syllables were put together and spoken allowed, stopping the devil's horrible attack. I'm sure most people simply ignored this ranting, but something about the way he spoke made me believe that this hero was telling the truth. I was able to catch up with the powerful Dragon during one of the many Demise of Lies parties held that night, and asked him what his statement during the battle meant.

In that very haughty manner that most of us have come to expect from the higher stage Dragons, Selder replied, "After all the ridicule the mortals have given me this past week, I'd rather have my wings plucked out of my spine than give you the smallest shred of help." Apparently, he was still rather angered by those Spurians who had called him "Sleder the Dwagon" recently, and wasn't about to talk. So I hunted down a few other notable heroes of the battle and asked them the same question. And by every one of them (Jedico Bloodstar, Marjory NyClear, Laurana Ferdain, Glen Livet, and Thoan Sta to name just a few) I was given a similar reply: the Lord of Deception had been permanently banished to the Underworld. Rather disheartened at my loss to find a story, I retired to a comfortable Inn with plenty of good spirits to liven my own.

It was not until two weeks later that new evidence would surface to strengthen Selder's claim. During some research I was doing in the temple of Rinanni's very large library for a new bardic legend, I came upon an oddly marked record which had recently been donated by an anonymous source. The item was a written copy of Garlidan's speech in the Town Square regarding Manes, Demons, and Devils. Deciding it was worth the few minutes it would take to read, I quickly scanned the item to discovered the piece of information I had been looking for all those weeks ago... That, according to Garlidan, the only way to banish a native of the Underworld from our material plane was to go to the CENTER of the UNDERWORLD and speak that being's name. As well, any banished entity could be brought back to this realm by using the proper summoning ritual and the beast's name. A feeling of dread surged through me as I read the final line, for if it was true the Lord of Deception was still in the Spur.

More and more facts pointed out that the group that had banished the LoD hadn't done as well as first thought. That the Ice Devil's (Loa' Kass) true name had been spoken multiple times on this plane without him being banished, yet when it was said only once in the Underworld he was pulled from our dimension to his home plane only gave strength to the new theory. The Devious Devil's vanishing could also be explained with logic, for it only makes sense that when something as damaging to a demonic presence as its name is first revealed, it would lose a great amount of power. Worst of all, the claims by such famous Spurians such as Talbor the Leuian Runemage and Myste the Secian Cleric that powerful undead spirits as well as demons had attacked them made me wonder if the Lord of Deception was not already at work reclaim his original seat of power. I envy those of you who do not get shaken up by this, for news of this nature tends to drive the likes of myself to the nearest bar (but then again, what doesn't?)

So before you go on that next picnic in the park or decide to steal away into the dark shadows with your new girl remember to take along your trusty sword. For although the above might just be coincidence, a wise man is always prepared for the worst (and has an ace up his sleeve).

Revised: September 02, 1998.
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