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dgate history and lore

Soros - Table of Contents
:: The Saga of Soros ::
:: Soros & The White Dove ::
:: Kyria & Poindexter ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 1 ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 2 ::
:: Is He really Gone? ::
:: A Flerian's Tale ::
:: More on Soros ::
:: The Power of a Word ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 1 ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 2 ::


More on Soros?

[Note: This selection is another bit adding to the mystery of Soros. This is someone's log of the event, although it's dated, I do not know who was the author.]

April 3, 1993    8:00 pm Spur Time

Sitting in the middle of the Town Square is an oversized statue of Soros the Conqueror, and he is holding a grey pearl broadsword. Whereas people were nervous about the loss of the gold statue, most townsfolk won't even come close now.  A damaged small blue leaves is here.

This area is illuminated.

In the area are Jalil the Secian (seated), Kopur the Dragon (seated), Jubbal the Secian (seated), Thoan the Human, Taourit the Usil Elf (seated), Nenad the San Elf (seated), Liung the Dragon, Kane the Arachnian, Claudius the Muatana-al, Jedico the Hithual, Rich the Dragon, Icicle the Drag-al, Khai the Secian (seated), Karak the Anthian (seated), Finius the Flerian, Maya the Thugian (seated), Plaath the Dragon (seated), Tel the Human, Marissa the Fir Elf (seated), Selder the Dragon (seated), Marjory the Psycian (seated), and Laurana the Human.

 ** Garlidan Mellor just logged in.

Garlidan just entered from the south.

Garlidan looks like a 6'7 standard young massive boned, average bodied Human.
He has casual black hair, grey eyes, and looks disheveled.
He appears to be in a distant mood right now.
He can be attacked by other players.
He appears to be in perfect health.

Physical appearance:

He wears a pouch which could contain almost anything...and probably does.

He has readied nothing.

A small red robin flies into the area, turns into a red marble, and drops into Garlidan's hand. He quickly places the marble into his sack.

Garlidan bows.
Garlidan says, "Greetings"

Garlidan coughs.
Garlidan says, "It has been a while."

Garlidan sits down.
Garlidan says, "Sit, my friends"

Garlidan says, "I'm afraid I have not called a meeting under the best of circumstances."
Garlidan coughs.

Selder says, "I doubt there will ever be a good time to call a meeting."
Garlidan says, "So I've heard, Selder."
Garlidan sighs.

Garlidan says, "As you know, there is a great power in the south, and that power is chaotic.  There have been some very strange things happening lately, and no explanation for them.  My long absence can be attributed to my work with the council.  We have labored long and hard to sort through the mysteries that have confronted us over the last year and we have tried our best to keep the most ghastly discoveries to ourselves until we could decide what to do about them."

Garlidan says, "Two weeks ago, a young woman came to us in the council.  Considering that the location of the council is one of the land's best-kept secrets, that surprised us already, and yet, somehow, we weren't surprised.  We looked in her eyes, and saw something terrible, and we let her into our stronghold."
Garlidan sighs.

Laurana says, "Madness?"
Garlidan says, "that would be preferable, Lady Laurana"
Garlidan says, "but I digress"

Garlidan says, "The young woman began to tell us a story.  She told it in a steady tone, with no emotion, and she told it to us in such a way that we did not move, even breathe during the telling."

Selder says, "Garlidan, what was the woman's name?"
Garlidan says, "We don't know. Selder. Maybe we never will."

Garlidan says, "I cannot repeat the story verbatim, but it solidified some of our suspicions of recent events."
Garlidan coughs.

Garlidan says, "There has been a terrible balance in the land, but it is not what you think, or what we expected.  Over the last 100 years, we in the council have labored for order because that is what we thought was right."

Garlidan says, "I'm afraid..."
Garlidan coughs.

Garlidan says, "we have erred."

(Laurana pats Garlidan on the back.)

Nenad nods.

Garlidan says, "The Gods have begun to pull out of the affairs of the land, sensing what is to come.

(Ket signs "Gods shmods...)

Garlidan says, "The young woman rightly foretold the wave of chaos which is beginning to spread.  This wave transcends the underworld - transcends mortal affairs - even transcends the dragons of the land.  The wave will take many forms, it is a universal constant."

Garlidan coughs.

(Claudius hands Garlidan a yelican flavored cough drop.)

Garlidan says, "As the woman foretold... the Spur will be destroyed, utterly and totally, in but a few short months."

Garlidan coughs.

Garlidan says, "The woman left us at that point. We don't know where she came from, or where she went to.  We are trying frantically to come up with answers, for if the Spur falls, the land itself will fall to the power in the South.  Our main goal right now is to figure out how to reroute the wave of chaos."

Garlidan says, "We have very few keys, and fewer ideas, but the power which is building through the land is immense and many of the threats you perceive now are but pawns."

Selder says, "One must know his enemy before he can defeat him."

Garlidan says, "Selder, in this respect, the enemy is the universe itself."

Laurana says, "Garlidan, is this wave connected with Soros? Did she say?"

Garlidan says, "Soros, whatever he was or might be now, is but a pawn as

Garlidan says, "But there is one small hope that we cling to.  The Spur has survived wave after wave of chaos, due to the power of its heroes.  The Spur was the last to stand up to Soros at his height, and the Spur was the place that sent Loa'Kass to his exile."

Laurana shudders.

Laurana says, "Must you speak of him?"

Garlidan coughs.

Garlidan says, "What we need to do is to find a way to stand up to chaos without invoking order.  After much deliberation, we have come up with the following
hypothesis:"The Spur will receive several waves of chaotic shock, each worse than the last. We have no idea what form they will take.  If you can survive each shock in turn...  We can only wonder what the last will be, and what can be done to stand against it, but entropy seems the only balancing factor. and care must be taken to follow the entropic leaders of your realm."

Karak says, "Any idea when this will start?"
Garlidan says, "It has already started, Karak"

Kopur mumbles something beneath his breath.

Garlidan says, "Ah, the twins."
Garlidan frowns.

Garlidan says, "Why did they elude our thoughts?"
Garlidan says, "Hmmm.  Where ARE the twins?"
Selder says, "In Kralen's hands."
Laurana says, "In the stronghold, Garlidan."

Garlidan says, "I must bring this bit of information back to the council.  The twins might be just what we need to balance the land once again. They have been gone for... 103 years..."
Garlidan taps his foot.

Garlidan coughs.
Garlidan says, "My friends, be strong and be brave. Your lives might not be the same soon..."

Garlidan stands up.
Garlidan just went south.

Revised: September 02, 1998.
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