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dgate history and lore

Soros - Table of Contents
:: The Saga of Soros ::
:: Soros & The White Dove ::
:: Kyria & Poindexter ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 1 ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 2 ::
:: Is He really Gone? ::
:: A Flerian's Tale ::
:: More on Soros ::
:: The Power of a Word ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 1 ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 2 ::


The Fall of Soros Pt. 2

[Note: This article followed shortly after the fall of Soros. First appeared in Vol. 3, #3 of the DFC dated 5th day, 11th month, of the 95th year in Spur. Titled: After the attack, a Lord of Deception epilogue by Glen Livet.]

The tale of the Battle and Final Banishment of the Lord of Deception you will have already heard by now, if not it is not mine to tell at any rate. But of what followed, and the words that Sa spoke to those who assembled in his temple, it is only fitting that I, Glen Livet, Bard Minor of the Spur, be the one to tell you...

The battle had finished and the rejoicing begun, when a feeling passed through us like an ill wind through the Poor Quarter. Something was amiss! In a rush a wave of Black energy spewed forth from the east and rapidly filled the sky. Quickly, it moved to envelope the Spur, changing, shifting all that it touched. Infusing Chaos into the very fabric of the land. Then it passed, the Chaos balancing the land. The Good deeds of the night had not gone unpunished, as in all things there is a wholeness, a balance, so it is in the Spur.

But as the blackness subsided, two mind where felt to reach out!  One, grasping for the substance of the Chaos itself, and the other speaking to every living soul in the Spur. The Orderly mind communicated the following message before fading away: "The path is left, the order is right, and the chaos is wrong. The order is wrong. The path is right, and the chaos is left."

As we gathered in the Town Square to discuss the meaning of the night's messages, a glow appeared in the temple district. Soon, Smash Oakbreaker spoke up and called for all orderly followers of Sa to follow him. Smash soon led a group of stalwart followers to Sa's temple, where we found the altar to be glowing brightly in a golden radiance. Soon many others had gathered, and then Sa Spoke to us!

"My friends," Sa said, "the fabric of the land has shifted. I must leave you for a while and allow things to follow their natural course."

I confess that upon hearing these word my heart sunk, and fear rose in the pit of my stomach as I wondered what would become of us, his followers. I tell you now, I am not proud that my first thoughts were for myself.

Sa continued, "The Spur cannot withstand much more chaos. You must find my sons and put things right."

The Twins, my thoughts whirled! How could we possibly regain them without Sa's assistance?

"Morinod was able to communicate with you briefly during the shift. Heed his words well. You must find the Twins, and restore the balance. Only then will all be right again."

Hope flowed through me! If Morinod and Parinar could reach us, then perhaps there was still a chance!  If we worked together... My mind raced on as Sa continued to speak.

"Freelorn has left us. I must choose another to bear Morinod when the time is right. Let any orderly followers speak now their desire."

I sighed in relief, Sa was going to choose someone to help Smash! What a story this will make, the things that are happening here will be spoken of for generations! As many powerful followers began to rise and speak, I too stood, to offer support to whomever Sa chose.

Tay spoke up "I desire my Lord. I am one of your clerics. I amOrderly and wish to carry a Son"

Sa asked "Tay, speak the reason YOU would have this task."

Tay replied "I wish to honor Sa and carry his Son for the good of the Spur."

Laurana spoke "My desire is to... Well, not have you leave for one. For the Second, to return the Twins to their proper place."

Trenal said "I desire to Serve you Lord Sa."

I felt the need to say something: "My Desire is to serve, Lord Sa. I wish to assist in the recovery."

Flitterfly added "My desire? Let niceness triumph! I wish to serve as your healing winged warrior, Sa!"

Then Sa spoke to me! "Glen, why would YOU carry the Sword!"

I blinked, startled that I had been misinterpreted! "Nay Lord, such an honor is not required of a humble and powerless Bard. I merely wish to serve as my abilities allow."

Sa then asked: "Trenal, why would YOU carry the Sword!"

Trenal also humbly declined Morinod, "I don't want to carry the sword. I only wish to serve you as your healing servant.

Sa then spoke to Laurana "Laurana, you have once again proven yourself, but you are not a sword bearer."

"I know that!" Laurana pouted. "All I get to do is jump around," she sighed.

I felt for her knowing the frustration that comes from powerlessness, and so gave her a brotherly hug. Sa then dropped his thunderbolt: "So be it. I choose Glen to bond with Smash, and find my son."

I gasped, uncertain that this was not just another of Selder's elaborate tricks, but Sa spoke again.

"Glen, you and Smash will be forever brothers in my eyes, and you will stay together to accomplish this quest."

Dumbfounded I could only nod and smile weakly at Smash.

"Your path will open soon. For now, be wary of Kralen."

The thought then crossed my mind that Kralen might be dealt within a fashion not entirely in accordance with the normal rules if behavior for the Spur. Many of those hardy adventurers present expressed similar thoughts at this time. But Sa's final words were "Remember, my children. Kralen may yet serve a purpose."

And so ends the story of what occurred after the battle. But as you may plainly see, for Smash and myself, it has just begun! The riddle of Morinod sounds constantly in my dreams, and each morning I awaken knowing that somewhere out to the east, Kralen knows he has a new adversary. I wonder if he can take comfort in his scravixx, and his lies? I _Know_ these words will reach you Kralen, one way or another, so hear and hear me well! The battle will not be over, and the day not won, till the swords rest again where Sa has decreed they belong. Heed yee well the words of the Vikings, who said "These Irish fight hard, but they are lightly armored! And when the Fury upon them comes, they are the finest in the world!"

So ends this tale from Glen Livet, born Irish, stolen at birth by Scots Gypsies, But that's another tale;)

Revised: September 02, 1998.
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