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dgate history and lore

Soros - Table of Contents
:: The Saga of Soros ::
:: Soros & The White Dove ::
:: Kyria & Poindexter ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 1 ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 2 ::
:: Is He really Gone? ::
:: A Flerian's Tale ::
:: More on Soros ::
:: The Power of a Word ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 1 ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 2 ::


The Fall of Soros Pt. 1

[Note: First appeared in Vol. 3, #3 of the DFC dated 5th day, 11th month, of the 95th year in Spur. This is the first part of two concerning Soros. Titled Lord of Deception defeated! by Scribenda Liber.]

It began, of course, long before the Statue of Soros stood up and stalked out of the Town Square, yet that seemed a pivotal event and as good a place to begin as any.

Waves of chaos had been predicted, and so it was. Soros himself was reported to have appeared to some of the citizens of the Spur. Soros, who had been most gloriously defeated not more than a year ago. The statuette created in commemoration of that event was somehow broken, lying in pieces in Market Circle.

Scravixx appeared, weak-willed, it seemed, but toothy all the same. They attacked, our heroes fought back, some were killed (both heroes and scravixx). And then an ultimatum was issued throughout the land! an ultimatum reminiscent indeed of the Sheepherder, Soros. We must all bow down in servitude to the Lord of Deception or all of Spur would be destroyed.

Meanwhile, seven Spurians were quietly visited, by just what, they knew not, but into each mind was planted a single syllable and a moment to reveal the syllable. Marjory reports that she had the distinct impression that the syllable was confidential, so she told no one. Not, that is, until Laurana specifically asked her about the syllable, giving the sign that was to bring forth the sound she'd been given. The seven Spurians gathered with Laurana at Sa's temple to piece the puzzle together

... but, alas, when the final hour came, scravixx and all, the group still did not know what they had, or how to use it.

Many fought. Many died. At last, above the hubbub, and with Selder proclaiming that it was being incorrectly done, Laurana performed the dance she'd been given to do, and each of the Seven pronounced their syllable in order and a Being in the heavens seemed much disturbed by the proceedings and attempted to stop it.

But he could not. The syllables proclaimed the True Name of the Lord of Deception, a powerful weapon indeed.

As Salvius explained later, "only a mortal can say a true name, another devil cannot." Apparently it was Loa Kass, determined to win a bet and banish the Lord of Deception from the Spur, who planted it quietly in everyone's minds and distracted him long enough with his reserve power to allow Laurana to piece the final puzzle together and to say it, thereby banishing the Lord of Deception forever. For, as Salvius explained, "Once a true name is used on a plane of reality, the devil can never again enter it."

But though the battle be won, the war is yet far from over. "The balance of the land," Salvius explained, "is now irrevocably on the side of order, where it should not be." Not only that, but Loa Kass himself is hardly banished from the land. And there are the words of Morinod, proclaimed as the battle was being won:

"The path is left, the order is right, and the chaos is wrong. The order is wrong. The path is right, and chaos is left."

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