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dgate history and lore

Soros - Table of Contents
:: The Saga of Soros ::
:: Soros & The White Dove ::
:: Kyria & Poindexter ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 1 ::
:: The Fall of Soros, pt. 2 ::
:: Is He really Gone? ::
:: A Flerian's Tale ::
:: More on Soros ::
:: The Power of a Word ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 1 ::
:: A Hint of Soros, Pt. 2 ::


The Power of a Word

[Note: This is the background you need to understand what was used against the Lord of Deception, Soros. This tale was relayed by the Elder, Salvius.]

The Town Square seems empty. There is no trace of anything other than the people who pass through it. You thought people were nervous before? You should see them now.

This area is illuminated.
You see a bat (wearing a small gold collar), a flying squirrel (wearing a small gold collar), a buffalo (wearing a small gold collar), a husky (wearing a small gold collar), and a stallion(wearing a small gold collar).

In the area are Tay the Hithual, Junor the Dragon, Zhann the Leuian, Salvius the Elder (seated), Finius the Flerian, TTorid the Psycian, Selder the Dragon (seated), Plaath the Dragon (seated), Marjory the Psycian (seated and holding a flaming small glass ball), Molly the Leuian (seated), Nadiv the Anthian (flying 10 feet above you), Rhuagh the Dragon, Zykar the Flerian, Glen the Human (seated), Thumper the Dragon (seated), Smash the Thugian (seated),
Fayed the Anthian (flying 10 feet above you), Tyger the Human (seated), Laurana the Human (lying down and holding a flaming gold scepter), Ket the Arachnian, Trenal the Secian, Stevon the Human (seated), and Nenad the San Elf (lying down).

Salvius looks like a 5'11 standard young light boned, wiry-tough
bodied Elder. He has neat brown hair, aqua eyes, and looks neat.
He appears to be in a blue mood right now.
He bears the mark of Sa.
He can be attacked by other players.
He appears to be in perfect health.

Physical appearance:

He is wearing a blue silk robe with a gold swan on his chest and
gold trim.

He has readied the following item:

  A sapphire mace (in right hand).

Salvius says, "Ok, figure I might as well play storyteller tonight"

Salvius sits down.

Salvius says, "A long time ago, a group of young adventurers were in the training grounds, and Loa'kass appeared, a young ice devil who was intent on causing mischief.  When the first brave souls decided to cross to the Spur, Loa'kass crossed with them.

Salvius says, "During that time, Laurana was married to Lord Ferdain.  But Loa'kass took a liking to her, and decided to get her to marry him.  This went on for a while, and finally, Lord has his opportunity to banish Loa'kass.

"With the use of a special tool, a ruby flame, he stood bravely against Loa'kass, and struck him down with the ruby flame."

What he didn't quite realize was that the tool would banish Loa'kass for only 1 full year, and Loa'Kass did in fact, reappear one year later (six months in real time).  This time, he was older and wiser.

Salvius says, "And the reason he had come back was not obvious to start with.  You see he had made a bet with another devil, the Lord of Deception.

He bet that he could get Laurana to marry him, and he badgered her continuously until finally, he stole her away and imprisoned her and threaten to let her watch her friends die.  Finally, she gave in, and allowed herself to marry him."

Laurana sighs sadly.

Salvius says, "So anyway, she stood ready to marry him, at least in word if not spirit and Loa'kass was about to win his bet.  But the Lord of Deception would not have it.  So he jumped in at the last minute, and grabbed Laurana and Loa'kass back to the underworld"

Salvius says, "Loa'kass went screaming about him welshing on a bet,but that is what happened"

The rest of the Spur organized, and went to find Laurana.  They took a dangerous trip through the underworld and battled horrible creatures to find her.

And finally, it came down to finding her and they discovered that the only way to leave the underworld, or indeed to rescue Laurana was to die and kill her.  Which they did, and they rescued her."

Salvius says, "But the hole was opened, and the Lord of Deception came through also, for the first time in the Spur and he then attempted to have fun here."

"Loa'kass, however, although banished by a much stronger force," still had a link to the world - Laurana.  And every once in a while, Laurana would feel him.  And she still might."

"In frustration at not getting his way, the Lord of Deception decided to work very long and very hard at creating the ultimate illusion - that Soros had returned to take over the spur."

"He took advantage of the fact that nobody truly knew who Kralen was and tried to fool anyone into thinking that Soros was Kralen, but all of that was passe.  Finally, he realized that his magic could only go so far and that if he were to pull malgaraxx or ultraxx the illusion would begin to shatter and scravixx, although powerful, were NOT as deadly as the other two types of Soros - made creatures.  So his deception was starting to unravel and he decidedto give an ultimatum."

Salvius says, "Unbeknownst to him, Loa'kass was using his link tothe world to settle his bet.  He chose 7 people and gave them each a syllable of LOD's true name and then gave the key to Laurana. All of this was done quietly and without the Lord of Deceptions's knowing."

Marjory says, "A True Name is a powerful weapon to have."

Salvius says, "Yes.  But only a mortal can say a true name, another devil cannot.  So Loa'kass could not have just said it to the Lord of Deception to banish him.  He had to plant it quietly in everyone's minds so that they could say it.  Loa'kass finally distracted him long enough with his reserve power to allow Laurana to piece the final puzzle together and to say it, thereby banishing the Lord of Deception forever."

Salvius says, "Once a true name is used on a plane of reality, the devil can never again enter it.  However, as you've probably already figured out, Loa'kass is not so banished and he may yet return."

Salvius says, "As you've also probably seen, the balance of the Spur was turned wildly, thanks to Loa'kass fulfilling a role in ORDER, where he should not be.  That was the final straw.  The balance of the land now irrevocably to the side of order.  A shift had to take place, which was unfortunately manufactured through the ultimate chaotic carrier, Parinar.  But Morinod also took the opportunity to send you a message which I hope you remember."

Laurana says, "I need that message, please!"

Marjory says, "What message? I heard no messages."

Finius says, "Turn right, then left, then straight, or something."

Smash says, "I repeated it earlier"

Salvius says, "or something, hmmm?"

Salvius smiles.

Marjory says, "The path is left, the order is right, and the chaos is wrong. The order is wrong. The path is right, and chaos is left."

Laurana says, "I didn't know that was him saying that :("

A blue aura appears around Salvius, and quickly becomes so dense that it hides him from view. When it dissipates, you can see that Salvius is gone.

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