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Thief Class

"Opportunity makes a thief. " ~ Francis Bacon



Thief Emblem


Overview ...

Thieves are often masters of stealth, deception, and cunning. Few thieves survive long in society without acquiring these traits. The thief is adept at the arts of disguise, lock manipulation, hiding, and theft. An adventurer of this class is more often than not a criminal. There are few members of this class that apply their skills for the improvement of anything other than themselves. Thieves tend to stick to the shadows and carefully attempt to not bring attention to themselves or their fellow Guild members. Some chose to focus their efforts on robbing fellow adventurers, others build their expertise in the area of robbing businesses and homes, and a few become talented enough to do both.

The minions of the law and those on the side of justice often seek to thwart the activities of any 'known' thief in town. A major Thieves Guild is located within the walls of Spur, but is kept a secret to everyone but members, in order to thwart its destruction. Many thieves spend countless hours working on their disguise and mannerisms in order to take on another persona, and fit in with acceptable society. This allows many thieves to walk the streets of Spur, and even of Aradath, unquestioned.

Guild Locations


Characteristic scores beneficial to a thief adventurer

  • Intelligence/Wisdom: Useful for figuring out how to work locks and traps, also helps the Thief be able to cast spells ‘stolen’ from other classes in the game to provide more realism to their disguises.

  • Dexterity/Agility: Exceedingly useful as this class relies heavily on these two characteristics in almost all aspects of its trade. Dexterity is especially key for picking pockets, working on locks, and other thiefly related actions. Agility is vastly important for a thief, as it provides for them the ability to escape harms way through fast movement and making them difficult to hit with weapons.

  • Constitution: Helpful in resisting the poisons that every thief will encounter during his lock/trap disarming career.

  • Perception: Useful for any thief that wishes to find hidden items.

  • Alignment: Entropic, Chaotic

    Special Abilities

    Pick Pockets
    Picking pockets is an art form, consisting of reaching into the coin-purse of another and grabbing whatever silver (or hopefully gold) there is.

    Stealth is the ability to move within the shadows from room to room, without being seen.

    Pick Locks
    Pick Locks.


    Elder RP Note

    To avoid Targeting/Harrassment and Violations agains TOS...

  • Jobs can involve picking someone clean, or picking them for a specific IC related (reasonable) amount of coin. A good example would include the amount of coin to replace an armor or weapon stolen by said person, or the cost of an HOD visit. Picking someone for a set number of times is considered "targeting" and/or "harassment."
  • Jobs involving item theft off a person's body can involve one item only.
  • Scams involving information / blackmail of a person has no restrictions.
  • Triggers to pick are strictly forbidden. Portal abuse when used consistantly without roleplay can lead to warning of attack without RP.
  • Stay IN GAME for a period of at least 15 minutes after you committ a thief type act so the other players can RP back with you. Otherwise it will be considered a combat disco.

    ~ Dgate Staff


    Important Skills

    Stats Important to Class

    ::: Current Skill Rankings :::

    Especially Suited Races
    San Elf  

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