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dgate history and lore



Moloch, the orderly Chaos Lord and master of death was banished from the world by the god Taath with help from the Frontacian race in approximently 3600, during the age of morning. Known by those who follow him as the harvester of souls, Moloch acted only in death taking the souls of those who die and capturing them for himself, where he could torture them or reward them as he saw fit. Those who followed him when he still existed in our realms spent their lives dedicated to bringing as many souls to their lord as possible. With the coming of the new gods, his followers were quickly weeded out and destroyed, leaving him powerless; Taath discovered Moloch's hiding place and caught him, he then cast Moloch from our world, trapping him in another dimension entirely, a place void of life or death, a place of nothing. In doing so, Taath caused a tragic, or as some saw it miraculous change, death no longer became something permanent. When killed by unnatural means, the body could simply be returned to life by properly trained clerics, leaving true final death only for natural causes and those the gods revoke the breath of life from. The few remaining followers of Moloch who escaped wander the lands now in a fanatical frenzy seeking some way to return their beloved lord to the world of the living. So that death might once again stalk the lands as nature intended.

Color Association: pale green and black

The Lords of Chaos

The Beginning

Moloch, The Lord of Death

Evoloch, The Lord of Change

Arioch, The Master of Chaos

Lord Priest Maloveous


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