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dgate history and lore

:: Overview ::



Arioch, the chaotic Chaos Lord and true master of chaos is considered to be by far the most dangerous and unpredictable of the lords. Both he and his followers do everything in their power to bring about chaos in all its forms. While many plots by those of Arioch have been foolish and strange, some have proven to be ingenious, such as the creation of the rings of Arioch. When chaos rules and anarchy reigns, Arioch is usually not far behind. The only of the three lords truly interested in conquest on a large scale, Arioch constantly tries to out due his older brother Evoloch to prove he is the greater of the lords. Arioch's influence is often subtle, few sometimes realize his plots are at work at all until true chaos suddenly breaks lose and none else are left to blame. Arioch's followers often can be found gnawing at the souls of the good and pure, trying to slowly break them to turn towards chaos, or to drive them insane.

color association: Red and Black


Created in the age of Revelation by Oisin, Ariochs Lord Priest; the rings of Arioch are considered to be one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful artifacts in existence. Exactly six hundred and sixty six of the rings were made by Oisin with his lords blessing, each one more powerful then the last. The rings look like simple small ruby rings, or other such gemstones and are impossible to tell different from any other ring without the use of powerful magics. Each of the rings is sentient, capable of calling out to a person it chooses as its new owner, it calls them in and forces them to wear the ring, for they see it as the most beautiful object they have ever laid eyes upon. The second the ring is worn, the ring takes complete control of the mind of its wearer, destroying the wearers memory and replacing it with the rings own, the wearer becomes completely devoted to Arioch in body and soul. As soon as the sequence is complete, the wearer searches for a new victim to present the ring to, and such continues on and on from person to person until the ring is destroyed or it can not find any new victims. Following his return to power, Arioch bid Oisin to let loose the rings within the far south, slowly converting small towns, barbarian villages and fishing shanties with shocking efficiency. Learning of the rings, the dark god Taath empowered his most trusted leader, the high sorceress Aiena with the power to destroy the rings. After a period of nearly three hundred years, all but a few of the rings have been destroyed, just over 600 have been officially accounted for by the Taathians, another 50 unofficially destroyed. Quite literally, Arioch created his army through the rings and to this day they remain the most feared attack of any the Lords of Chaos can unleash, even compared to their mighty wyverns.

The Lords of Chaos

The Beginning

Moloch, The Lord of Death

Evoloch, The Lord of Change

Arioch, The Master of Chaos

Lord Priest Maloveous


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