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The lord priest of Evoloch, the Muatana-al Maloveous is one of the strangest priests to have ever followed the Lords in their storied history. Self proclaimed Lord Priest of Evoloch, none have dared challenged his claim for fear of his strange creations. At just over one thousand years old, Maloveous is a relatively young Muatana-al, scoffed at by the rest of his race for his strange creations and odd devotion to Evoloch. Maloveous has all but locked himself and his wife Aermerie Tazanda'ar from the rest of the world in his massive keep in Saldaea. A scientific genius, Maloveous is responsible for the creation of wersids, a massive walking weasel like creature and tiers, the re-animated corpses of long dead wyverns. He is also credited with distributing the drug for Frontacians and Psycians after the main stock had been lost to the world. Married to Aermerie Corey Tazanda'ar, sister of the High Lord Merlin Corey, Maloveous carefully plots his new experiments and strange plots from the safety of the walls of his giant keep in Saldaea. The few Elves living in Saldaea old enough to remember the early years of the founding of the city claim that Maloveous has slowly even shaped the forest that covers the island and hides his keep. They claimed the forest and those creatures living within have been twisted and mutated to help please Evoloch and his lust for change.

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Lord Priest Maloveous


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