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Evoloch, the entropic Chaos Lord and master of change is perhaps the strangest and most wise of the three lords. Older brother of Arioch and Moloch's father, Evoloch guides unwitting mortals along paths destined to lead them to power, though they may never realize their part in his plan. He takes delight in the plotting and politicking of men, preferring the cunning over the strong and the manipulative over the violent. Both Evoloch and his followers are devoted to bringing change in all places they go, from the chaotic to the orderly and back again Evoloch delights in change. Believed to have once been the master of time before the arrival of the new gods, some early Human records mention Evoloch long before he was supposed to have existed, whether this was prophecy of his coming or truth that he actually traveled back in time is yet unknown. His plots and those of his followers are generally complex and interwoven, they are often found as the architects of many of the most devious plans to bring about change be it in government, society or a single life.

Color association: *elder note: we are still researching. Elders thought Evoloch was blue and black and purple was associated with Loa-Kass. However players remember Evoloch being associated with the color purple.

The Lords of Chaos

The Beginning

Moloch, The Lord of Death

Evoloch, The Lord of Change

Arioch, The Master of Chaos

Lord Priest Maloveous


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