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The Races of Aradath ...


Overview ...

Secians are beautiful, winged creatures, the tiniest of all the races of Aradath. Born with ruby-red eyes and dazzling blonde hair, they are known to charm nearly everyone they meet with their friendly nature. Honored by the gods with the gift of empathy, they are the world’s finest healers.

Secians are extremely helpful by nature. In fact, if you should meet one when you have been injured, they will usually begin to heal you immediately. Because of their tremendous healing abilities, these friendly little beings can be a great help in an adventuring party.

Secians can be found wherever Dragons dwell. They are essential to Dragon kind -- a bond woven into the origins of their race. They are extremely fond of jewels, diamonds being among their favorites.

Background ...

Secians are remnants of the powerful city-state of Secia, changed to this new race at the time of The Great Change. They are both protected by Dragonkind and protectors of it. No one really knows how this special relationship came to exist between the smallest of the races and the largest, but there is no doubt that there is a strong bond between them.

Secians are overly fond of jewels and gemstones. According to some scholars, this may be because during the Great Change the mutations of their bodies forever lost the embedded jewels. [See accounts of this disaster in histories, archives and library collections.] They still consider Arachnians part of their 'family' and do not understand the hostility they meet with them.

Appearance ...

Smallest of all the races living in the world, the Secians are TINY. The tallest among them might reach 1' 5 inches. Their hair is blonde, their eyes ruby red. They are colorfully winged, diminutive fairy-like beings that are charming to behold.

  • Eyes: ruby, red

  • Hair: blonde

  • Temperament ...

    Secians are almost always in high spirits when observed in their natural state and unfailingly kind in all that they do. They are often highly religious, as well as finely tuned to the sufferings of others. A Secian will never purposely harm a sentient being.

    Tendencies ...

    To members of other races, the unexplainable actions of Secians seem somewhat blind or driven. That is because a Secian will always rush to the aid of a Dragon. The relationship between these two races, even between two who have just met, is mutually intense and affectionate. Often cheery and fun loving, Secians are peacemakers and deplore violence and cruelty. They will not knowingly break laws or lie.

    Pain is like a horrible itch to a Secian. They can choose to ignore it, but it bothers them non stop. Most will just remove the pain, remove themselves from the pain, or let it be over as soon as possible.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: Quick recovery. Their small size makes them harder to hit. Very, VERY light and quick. Very intelligent and charming. They can fly with very little effort and the entire race is capable of empathic healing. Most Secians eventually bond with a particular dragon and may receive benefits from this bondmate.

  • Hindrances: Secians are very weak, very small, and able to carry very little. Their empathic ability to heal can also work against them. If a Secian happens to harm a creature in close (non-magickal) combat, he or she will feel and experience the pain he or she caused to the creature. It has been known for a Secian to die from this empathic backlash.

  • Abilities: Flight, great healing ability, and quick moving.

  • Alignment: Orderly

  • Professions: Secians are most commonly Heart Clerics and Rune-Mages.

  • It is less common and more difficult for them to be Sword Clerics, Hand Clerics, and Psions.


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