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Bard Class

"How far that little candle throws its beams. So shines a good deed in a naughty world." " ~ William Shakespeare



Individuals that have the ability to entertain through music, verse, and performance are the classical Bard image of Aradath. Writers, performers, and artists who prefer the dramatic and comedic over the mundane comprise the ranks of this small but renowned guild.

Many a Bard can be found as tavern entertainers, traveling with a band of minstrels, on stage at a bard's recital, or as freelance wanderers performing anywhere their feet take them. Bards are capable of playing many instruments.

In addition, they are capable of casting spells. However, they are restricted to a limited selection of castable spells. A Bard's magick is often less powerful than that of the 'professional' spell casting classes, though it is often more interesting to watch. Bards are somewhat adept at fighting and do gain some of the abilities of a thief, such as disguise. Playing a Bard is a rich opportunity for role-play. They are not recommended for those who wish to create a powerfully combative character in the game.

Be warned that they do not make a great solo class.

Guild Locations


Characteristic scores beneficial to a BARD adventurer

  • Intelligence/Wisdom: Very useful for casting spells.

  • Dexterity/Agility: Useful for the thieving arts, playing instruments, and combat.

  • Charisma/Personal Appearance: Useful when performing.

  • Voice: Very useful for playing instruments and singing.

  • Alignment: Orderly, Entropic

    Special Abilities

    A good bard is well versed in Disguise.

    Playing Instruments

    Magic & Combat
    A bard is a versatile class, capable of combat and of Magickal Spells. The bard uses his artistic talents to induce magical effects.

    Important Skills
        First Aid
        Primary Weapon

    Stats Important to Class

    ::: Current Skill Rankings :::

    Especially Suited Races

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